Lead Instructor Diana Spiess, M.S.

Diana Spiess, Lead Instructor Trainer and Founder of the 'essence of Yoga' Teacher Training School, has been certifying group fitness instructors, yoga teachers, Pilates teachers, Reiki Practitioners, and Sound Therapists for over 20 years and has designed this unique teacher training to assist yoga to other wellness teachers in understanding trauma so that they can better support their participants and clients in their healing process.

Diana's background spans 3 decades of high-level eduction, extensive training and experience in many modalities and 1000's of clients and students. Along with her Masters of Science in Health Coaching and Applied Nutrition, she is a Board Certified Holistic Psychology Master, has a minor in Psychology from the University of Toledo, is a Licensed Spiritual Healer, is a Master Reiki Teacher, and is a certified Behavioral Change Specialist. She has 7 certifications including the United States Medical Board in health and life coaching, is an E-RYT500 hour instructor with the Yoga Alliance and a Certified Yoga Therapist, and is a 200 hour certified Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher and a Certified iRest®️ Yoga Nidra Teacher. She is currently attaining her Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine.

Her entire background, which goes beyond what is listed here, can be seen on her site under "about Diana".


Level II: The Practices 

In this course, Diana will review the foundational understandings of trauma and remind of the ways that yoga can assist in working through "little t's" and/or "big T's".

There are 9 books to be read for this course, 6 modules, a quiz for each module, 15 live instruction hours with Diana (in-studio or on Zoom), a Facebook group for group collaboration, and practices and course outlines to assist yoga teachers in preparing classes specific to assisting with trauma healing.

In Leve II, Diana will take instructors who have completed Level I and will be teaching to large and small group classes and/or private sessions through a very detailed class outline for teaching to those who have experienced trauma. She will cover progressing and many things to consider and how to work those that have been through trauma into main-streamed group classes when it is appropriate for them.

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Diana has spent over 31 years studying
numerous healing modalities and helping 1000's of clients heal trauma and live thriving, joyful lives.

She is sought after by therapists and other counseling professionals for assistance with their patients often. Her combination of experiences and trainings leaves her with a unique, vast array of tolls to help those wanting healing and balance, health, and wellbeing in their lives.